Investment team

Maria Toler Velissaris Founding and Managing Partner

Casey Albert Managing Partner

Nichole Jones Venture Partner

Georgia Cavanaugh Investment Associate

Mia Ji Xin Farnham Investment Associate

Investment Advisory Board

Hurley Doddy Founder And Managing Partner

Emerging Capital Partners $3B PE Fund

Carter McClelland Former President of of Bank of America Securities NY

Technical Advisory Board

JOY THOMAS Artificial Intelligence Lead

Partner, Accenture

Sam Girotra Director of
Product Management

Game Changer

OPE BUKOLA Product Manager


Medical Advisory Board

Rick Majzun COO of Stanford Children's Hospital

Dr. Stephanie Thompson Reproductive Endocrinologist And Infertility Specialist


Kim Meredith CEO San Francisco General Hospital Foundation

“You don’t have to be an impact fund to have an impact. You don’t have to be a nonprofit to support causes you care about. You don’t have to be a charity to give back.

SteelSky Ventures is a returns-first, venture capital fund that serves a higher-order purpose and generates a triple bottom line.”

Maria Toler Velissaris