We invest in companies that create better access,
care and outcomes in women’s healthcare.

Cayaba Care provides home-based maternal health services for underserved communities.
Lark is an AI platform for chronic care management, enabling women to make healthier choices and manage their conditions.
Twentyeight Health is an inclusive woman’s health telemedicine platform servicing the commercial market as well as the Medicaid and uninsured.​
Motivo is the largest platform for therapist telesupervision, connecting pre-licensed therapists with clinical supervisors through secure video conference.
Zipline is a next-generation drone delivery platform creating greater access to prescription medicine and lifesaving medical products.
23andMe leverages an ethnically diverse and gender diverse data set to help inform the development of new drugs and therapies.
Origin is a digital-first physical therapy platform bridging the care gap from maternity through menopause.
Ruby Love is a period apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going.
Proov develops clinically proven, at-home diagnostic tests and products to support a successful pregnancy.
Mae is a culturally competent care platform for expectant mothers of color.
Joylux is a menopausal platform offering life-changing solutions anchored by clinically proven, proprietary technology-driven devices.
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TheraB developed Snuglit, an innovative blanket that delivers bilirubin lights in the form of a portable blanket so mothers can stay connected to their babies as they receive this life saving treatment.
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Mahmee is a HIPAA-secure platform that makes it easy for hospitals, health systems, & their patients to coordinate comprehensive prenatal & postpartum healthcare from anywhere.
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